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New York - All five boroughs!!
1am Sydney time
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New York Marathon

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  • Cancer Council Helpline
  • New York Road Runners run
    Just another weekend run in Central Park!
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Shannon Barnes
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My message
Training for a marathon is hard work and I need to do it for more than just the pride of having done it. I am dedicating my training and my running in the New York Marathon to raising funds for cancer research. For a large heterogeneous class of diseases that claims around 15,000 lives per year in Australia and will affect 1 in 2 Aussies in their lifetime, I want to do my part to find a cure.

More specifically, I'm doing my thing to support the Cancer Council NSW - with every dollar raised helping in the fight against cancer!

Cancer Council is the leading cancer charity in NSW funded entirely by the community. The Council speaks out on cancer issues, funds research to find better treatments and earlier detection, provides support for cancer patients and their families and runs prevention campaigns to help people reduce their cancer risk.

So come on board, join me on my journey to New York and our fight to contribute to a great cause.



My donors

Nan Crawford and Jill (Mum) Barnes 

Dennis Foley 

Matthew Barnes 

Shannon Barnes 

Ed and Marcia Anderson 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

Campbell Gilbert 

Jimmy Kiploks 

Phil Every-Burns 

Sarah Bonk 

Jared Crawford 

Alan Barnes 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

Madeleine Heyward 

Donna Rickles 

Elizabeth Bear 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

John & Jonathan Barnes 

Laura (FITNESS 123) Barnes 

Kim Arthur 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

Peter Smibert 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

Guy Dundas 

Friend of Cancer Council NSW 

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