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  • Cancer Council Helpline
    We are three brothers, Greg, Ian & Chris, and a ring in, Josh - four light tackle fishing junkies! We love tournament angling, fast boats and the thrill of hooking and landing fish on light line. Checkout our website
  • Cancer Council NSW .
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At we believe in giving back to the community and as such donate 25% of any tournament cash winnings to charity. Our contribution may not be large, but our choice of the Cancer Council is relevant to all Australian anglers.

Rather than making one off donations we have established an official "Do your thing" page with Cancer Council NSW. Here we will continue to contribute 25% of any tournament cash winnings, and encourage you to show your support and donate to this worthy cause.

Cancer Council is the leading cancer charity in NSW funded entirely by the community. Cancer Council speaks out on cancer issues, funds research to find better treatments and earlier detection, provides support for cancer patients and their families and runs prevention campaigns to help people reduce their cancer risk.

Click "sponsor me" to make a donation to our thing... Your support is appreciated!



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arfy3 121015673139 

Ian Seeto - Australian Bream Open 2012 

keeno installs 

Sean G 

Luke lombari 

Glenn Graham:121015659791 

David Poulton - 121015653657 Kris Hickson Outfit 

Marine Queensland 

Gamakatsu Teams Series 

Warwick Cregan - Rotech Australia Pty Ltd 

BETS Bream & Bass 

Simon Goldsmith - ABT 

Josh - St Goerges Basin kayak round 2nd place 

Chris Seeto - SSBS Georges River Kayak Round 

Megabream/Hobie Kayak/BETS - Forster  

Steve Morgan 

David Poulton - Port Macquarie BREAM Classic 

Damien Nayna 

Stewie Dunn 

Mr. Atomic 

Josh - Glenelg Kayak Round 

Warren Keelan 

Josh - St Georges Basin kayak round Big Bream 


Todd Riches 

Mark Gercovich 


Robert Kneeshaw 


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